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„Speed uppp Poland”

Warsaw, Poland

24-25th April 2013


The monumental Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw hosted “Speed uppp Poland” – the very first Polish PPP conference from the “Speed uppp…” series, which objectives are to identify the opportunities for economic development through PPPs in certain countries as well as to facilitate the Partnership idea in delivering public services among both public and private sectors. “Speed uppp Poland” has gained the honorary patronage of the Mayor of Warsaw, who has identified the conference as a “valuable initiative presenting opportunities and directions for the development of Public-Private Partnerships in Poland, also on municipal level”. This is not accidental, because the City of Warsaw has a pipeline of PPP-type projects, some of which are already in implementation phase and some are to be tendered this year. Those, who attended the conference had the opportunity to hear:

  • that PPPs are of significant importance for maintaining the level of investment especially during the economic downturn and that they are actually delivering added value to local societies through providing public services of a higher quality and in a more holistic approach compared to traditional procurement, what was said by Mariusz Haładyj, the Deputy Minister of Economy and the guest of honor to the conference,
  • that dozens of PPP-type proceedings inspected by the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) lead to rather positive conclusions, what was said by Marian Cichosz, the NIK Deputy Head, who also presented a very private sector oriented approach pointing out that the public sector is frequently and without justification forcing the private sector to bear too many risks and calling this tendency “clerical cunning”,
  • that the Polish Road Authority (GDDKiA), although not allowed to disseminate any information publicly, is currently in the course of talks with Eurostat regarding the possibilities of carrying out the A1 Motorway Tuszyn-Pyrzowice stretch in a PPP scheme and still off balance-sheet, and that the tender for this approx. 6bn PLN investment shall be out somewhere in mid 2013 regardless of the model, in which it will be procured,
  • that there already is a legal framework in Poland allowing to conclude, albeit imperfect, PPP-type contacts, but without working out a PPP policy on national level and without creating a single, instead of many, governmental PPP unit, further and efficient development of the PPP market in Poland is questionable, what was said by Marcin Bejm, Counsel at the Clifford Chance Warsaw Office.

Both conference days ended with a networking cocktail reception and a lottery. A total of four prizes sponsored by Mott MacDonald, SITA Poland and Mota-Engil Central Europe have been drawn among conference delegates: two clothing vouchers 200 EUR each, a digital camera and a tablet.

Conference delegates

“Speed uppp Poland” has been attended by a total of 118 delegates, among which 46% (54 people) represented the public sector and 54% (64) the private sector. Also 12% of the delegates were international experts coming from Great Britain, Korea, France, Luxembourg, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Portugal. The public sector delegates represented the following type of public entities: The private sector delegates represented the following lines of business:


Below you will find the conference program including the presentations ready to download (the vast majority of them are in Polish): DAY 1 Panel: „Outlook on Polish PPPs”. Moderator: Bartosz Korbus, Institute for PPP in Poland.

  1. The Polish Ministry of Economy and its statutory role in developing and promoting PPPs (Mariusz Haładyj, Deputy Minister of Economy) – download presentation (in Polish),
  2. Controlling risk or rather the benefit of legal certainty? Supreme Audit Office on the control of Polish PPPs. (Marian Cichosz, Deputy Head of the Supreme Audit Office) – speech only,
  3. Financing PPP projects (Jan Dziekański, Head of Structured Finance and Advisory at BGK State-owned bank) – download presentation (in Polish),
  4. Capital City of Warsaw: pipeline of PPP and concession projects (Paweł Pawłowski, Deputy Head of the Warsaw’s Infrastructure Office) – speech only,
  5. Carrying out public investment and services in the form of PPPs – the British experience (Michael Dembinski, Head of Policy, British Polish Chamber of Commerce) – speech only.

Panel: „Healthcare”. Moderator: Rafał Cieślak, Dr., Legal Counsel at Cieślak & Kordasiewicz Business & Legal Advisory Office.

  1. Attracting PPP investment. Risk assessment and the role of the Lenders Technical Advisor (John Seed, Divisional Manager, Infrastructure Finance and Investment Division at Mott MacDonald) – download presentation (in English),
  2. Energy efficiency solutions for healthcare infrastructure (Marek Tobiacelli, Director of Energy Efficiency Solutions at Siemens in Poland) – download presentation (in Polish).

Panel: „ICT”. Moderator: Adam Jędrzejewski, Institute for PPP in Poland.

  1. Broadband network in Eastern Poland: the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship (Maciej Bułkowski, Director, Information Society Department, Marshal’s Office of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship) – download presentation (in Polish),
  2. Broadband network in Eastern Poland: the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship (Arkadiusz Bąk, Director, Information Society Bureau, Marshal’s Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship) – presentation (in Polish) will be available at a later date,
  3. ICT projects structured as PPPs. A private partner’s perspective. (Rafał Rodziewicz, CEO, Technitel Poland) – download presentation (in Polish).

Panel: „Hybrid PPPs”. Moderator: Bartosz Korbus, Institute for PPP in Poland.

  1. Possibilities of combining PPPs with EU funds – the Polish experience and outlook (Michał Piwowarczyk, Deputy Director, Department of PPP Projects’ Support, Ministry of Regional Development) – download presentation (in Polish),
  2. Case study. The very first Polish “hybrid” PPP-type project already in operation: Mineral Pools Complex in Solec-Zdrój (Piotr Kalita, Head of the Investment and Development Department of the Solec-Zdrój Community) – download presentation (in Polish),
  3. The new EU’s financial perspective in the context of hybrid projects – selected issues (Łukasz Karpiesiuk, Associate at Baker & McKenzie in Poland) – download presentation (in Polish).

DAY 2 Panel: „Roads”. Moderator: Aleksander Kozłowski, Advisor to the Management at Gdansk Transport Company.

  1. How to succeed in a road PPP? A private partner’s perspective. (Marcin Podlecki, PPP Specialist, Mota-Engil Central Europe) – download presentation (in Polish),
  2. What are the next steps for PPP-type roads in Poland? (Magdalena Jaworska, Deputy General Director of National Roads and Motorways) – download presentation (in Polish),
  3. Availability fee based road investment (Jan Dziekański, Head of Structured Finance and Advisory at BGK State-owned bank) – download presentation (in Polish),
  4. PPP for road infrastructure – is risks allocation a key to success? (Andrzej Urbanik, Dr., Secretary General of Polish Road Transport Technology Platform, Road and Bridge Research Institute) – download presentation (in Polish).

Panel: „Waste management”. Moderator: Adam Jędrzejewski, Institute for PPP in Poland.

  1. Public-Private Partnership as the model of carrying out the Poznan Waste-to-Energy plant (Jan Szczygielski, Energy-from-Waste Development Director, SITA Poland LLC) – download presentation (in Polish).

Panel: „Amending the PPP law”. Moderator: Bartosz Korbus, Institute for PPP in Poland.

  1. Amendments of the Public Procurement Law with impact on the procedure of selecting the private partner (Izabela Rzepkowska, Dr., Legal Department’s General Counsel at the Public Procurement Office) – download presentation (in Polish),
  2. Once again about the impact of Public-Private Partnership transactions on public debt (Mateusz Grabiec, Senior Associate at Baker & McKenzie in Poland) – download presentation (in Polish).


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