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Wroclaw: first Polish car sharing tender

Wroclaw again among the PPP-pioneers

On 14th August Wroclaw Authorities have release a call for tenders for a municipal electric car sharing system (tender documentation in Polish) consisting of approx. 200 e-vehicles. It is the very first project in Poland to address a completely new type of public service (worldwide known as ‘car sharing’), which can be classified as a supplement to the municipal transport system’s mobility – in addition to trams, subway, trains, buses, taxis, rickshaws and of course bikes, which became the first ‘shared’ means of urban transport (bike sharing). The ‘sharing economy’ is becoming more and more popular worldwide and it applies also to the usage of means of transport. Car sharing seems to be the response to the need for more sustainable use the available resources in regards to individual transport in urban areas which accumulate more and more people every year. Car sharing as such is supported worldwide and is present in more than 500 cities, mainly in the US, Western Europe, Eastern Asia and Australia, allowing to limit the usage of private vehicles and thus to achieve the following goals:

  • reduce air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (transport is causing the most air pollution in the cities and Poland has the worst air quality in the EU),
  • reduce traffic,
  • reduce demand for parking,
  • increase use of renewable energy sources (electric vehicles),
  • promote eco-friendly behavior.

The mode of procuring the municipal car sharing system in Wroclaw seems to be right as it allows first to negotiate with a selection of car sharing operators and only then to determine the final requirements. Such mechanism will cause that the Wroclaw’s offer will be business-tailored and will thus attract major car sharing operators allowing Wroclaw to benefit from the best offer. It is questionable whether the concession model, in which most of the project’s economic risk must be assumed by the private concessionaire, will also work for a car sharing fleet of electric vehicles incl. relevant charging infrastructure, but time will tell. Apart from Wroclaw, similar car sharing projects are to be launched in Warsaw (fuel-based fleet), Gdansk, Poznan and Krakow. For sure all of these projects will not only be interesting to the car sharing end users but also to the international car sharing operators whose business is in all likelihood to develop dynamically over the next decades.

Here you can check the entities that have submitted applications for the Wroclaw car sharing tender.

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