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  • PPP offers a wide range of adaptation possibilities in regards to public works and services.
  • „Speed uppp…” conferences – 7 events, 3 countries, 781 guests
  • Regional development depends on the quality of PPP projects.
  • Public-private partnership: the puzzle fulfilling global economy.
  • PPP to fill the infrastructural gap in Central-Eastern Europe.
  • 'PPP Magazine' - a new English title for emerging PPP markets
  • PPP’s contribution to regional development: shaping the world’s future.
  • PPP is where renewable energy meets innovative engineering.
  • Intelligent waste management is a global challenge for the human kind and PPP.
  • The need of affordable housing becomes more and more important. PPP can help out.
  • For unique PPP-focused events please contact us at conferences@ippp.pl
  • PPP: best value for money in healthcare and medical services on local and national level.

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About us

The Institute for Public-Private Partnership (IPPP) is the first professional organization in Poland dedicated to the field of public-private partnerships (PPPs). We’ve beed established in 2003 and since then are building our presence on the Polish and abroad markets in a sustainable way. Our mission in to support both the public and the private sector in driving successful PPP projects which we put into practice through educating on PPP and providing first-class advisory services. We believe that PPP is the right a answer to the needs of development and modernization of national communities and economies. What is crucial to see successful PPP projects being implemented is the proper PPP project’s preparation: it must meet all formal and legal conditions, it must be bankable and it must take both public and private side’s requirements into account.

Our team

IPPP is a group of full-time employees as well as collaborative partners such as institutions, private firms and individual specialists. IPPP’s partners are present in all regions of Poland but also abroad. At the same time we remain open for individuals willing to bring innovation into the world of PPP.

Contact us

Years of experience on the public investments market dealing with local and international organisations representing the public and the private sector proved that good relationships between business partners are key for successful cooperation. Knowing that the most vital value of a project may lie in the people driving it we are offering you extensive contact possibilities: Telephone: +48 22 435 95 02 Fax: + 48 22 482 10 50 E-mail: info@ippp.pl Virtual: facebook.com/InstituteForPPP Headquarters & Postal address: 24 Noakowskiego St., Warsaw 00-668 (city centre), Poland Personally meeting: At any location in Warsaw, in Poland or abroad (please contact us beforehand in order to agree the meeting details).  

Registration data:

Organisation’s name (in local language): Fundacja „Instytut Partnerstwa Publiczno-Prywatnego” Address: 24 Noakowskiego St., Warsaw 00-668, Poland National Court Register (KRS): 0000172867 EU-VAT / Tax Identification Number (NIP): PL1181712761 Statistical Registration Number (REGON): 015613863 IBAN bank account number (for international funding): PL51-1020-1127-0000-1002-0068-8853 SWIFT (BIC CODE): BPKOPLPW Bank account number in local Polish NRB format (for domestic funding): 51-1020-1127-0000-1002-0068-8853 (PKO BP Bank)

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