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  • PPP offers a wide range of adaptation possibilities in regards to public works and services.
  • „Speed uppp…” conferences – 7 events, 3 countries, 781 guests
  • Regional development depends on the quality of PPP projects.
  • Public-private partnership: the puzzle fulfilling global economy.
  • PPP to fill the infrastructural gap in Central-Eastern Europe.
  • 'PPP Magazine' - a new English title for emerging PPP markets
  • PPP’s contribution to regional development: shaping the world’s future.
  • PPP is where renewable energy meets innovative engineering.
  • Intelligent waste management is a global challenge for the human kind and PPP.
  • The need of affordable housing becomes more and more important. PPP can help out.
  • For unique PPP-focused events please contact us at conferences@ippp.pl
  • PPP: best value for money in healthcare and medical services on local and national level.

Making Things Happen

These words are our mission. Making Things Happen is what we do for a living. And to Watch Things Happen is what gives us joy and satisfaction. Our success is measured by the quality and accuracy of public services on one hand and profitability and efficiency of the private sector on the other.

Best value for money

“PPP” stands for Public-Private Partnership. It is also known as “P3” and is basically an alternative method for the public administration to meet public infrastructure’s needs and deliver quality public services. PPP is often described as value for money. The British Local Government Improvement and Development (formerly IDeA) defines best value for money as the “optimum combination of whole-life costs and benefits to meet the customer’s requirement” and this is indeed what PPP is.

Challenging the future

Today’s world stands in front of challenges such as globalisation, climate change, waste utilization, population ageing, the need for renewable energy and infrastructural and technological progress. Social services such as education, healthcare or social housing are not less important. All these require intelligent and effective investing and public means won’t be sufficient to meet the world’s demand in the foreseeable future. Therefore it is vital to pursue additional means in order to let the world continue its development. These means can be gathered from all of the potential the private sector has to offer including financing as well as effective managing and operating.

Our mission

At IPPP we trust in what we believe. We do care about sustainable development and aim to keep investments secure for both parties – the public and the private one. We invest not only in PPP projects but also in relationships between people and organisations. The key values that have brought IPPP to its unique position on the market are trust, reliability, hard work and the pioneering role we have been playing in creating, exploring and driving the PPP market in Poland. IPPP can be defined as a PPP for PPP. As a private partner we are promoting the idea of PPP and are driving PPP projects for the public administration. At the same time we are enabling development and profits to those of the private sector who are willing to be part of the constantly growing PPP market. On the high level PPP projects are the most strategic fields of human kind’s development: waste management, green energy, infrastructure, telecommunication, housing, social needs, transport, defence, urban revitalization and other public domains. PPP is an intelligent solution for delivering cost effective and high quality public services and we see the cooperation of the public and the private sectors as a way to make the world a better place to live in.

Most wanted in PPP

  • project’s bankability which is key to make the project come true,
  • value for all stakeholders – this means achieving the public sector’s core objectives and giving profit to the entrepreneurs,
  • transparency and fairness of all processes leading to PPP-transaction close,
  • transaction safety in a changing economic environment – guaranteed by national governments,
  • flexibility – PPP project can be launched in a wide range of public domains,
  • professionals driving PPP projects,
  • true partnership which means sharing of risks as well as profits between both sides of the PPP agreement – the public administration and the private sector.

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