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  • Public-private partnership: the puzzle fulfilling global economy.
  • PPP to fill the infrastructural gap in Central-Eastern Europe.
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  • PPP’s contribution to regional development: shaping the world’s future.
  • PPP is where renewable energy meets innovative engineering.
  • Intelligent waste management is a global challenge for the human kind and PPP.
  • The need of affordable housing becomes more and more important. PPP can help out.
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  • PPP: best value for money in healthcare and medical services on local and national level.

PPP – reality or fiction?

Krakow, Poland 29th November 2012 The Mayor of Krakow Jacek Majchrowski invites The recently published study on PPPs (Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, October 2012) indicate that the climate for PPPs in Poland is favorable and that the currently existing  PPP legal framework is not a significant ...

PPP in Turkey

Ankara, Turkey 28-29th November 2012 Social & municipal infrastructure, healthcare, transport, waste management The “PPP in Turkey – financing future infrastructure” 2-day conference is organized by E.E.L. Events Ltd. and will be held at the Crowne Plaza Ankara on the 28-29th of November. The Turkish government has outlined ambitious ...

Waste and Energy PPPs

Waste incineration & “waste-to-energy” plants, energy efficiency, legal framework Warsaw, 28th February 2012. Honorary Patron: Ministry of Regional Development CONFERENCE PROGRAM We welcome you to join the next event of the IPPP’s new and free series of PPP conferences devoted to public-private partnerships in different ...

International PPP & Infrastructure Summit & Exhibition 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Asia Executive Programs (AEP) is holding on April 17th and 18th a PPP event consisting of a summit, an exhibition and PPP site visits, all preceded by a workshop on April 16th. Some of the topics to be covered are listed below: ...

„A modern way to work with business. PPP projects.”

Gdansk, Poland 27th November 2012 “Metropolis Management in the 21st century” Economic Congress The Mayor of Gdansk invites you to join the “Metropolis Management in the 21st century” Economic Congress on 26-27th November, part of which will be a panel devoted to public-private partnerships hosted by the ...

Call for tenders: Gdansk car parks

Concession project: municipal car parks & paid parking zone Application deadline: 29th March 2013 Gdansk Municipality released a parking related call for tenders that has been published at the Tenders Electronic Daily on December 27th. The scope of the concession project is to carry out at least 1 ...

UKRAINE: Can The Sleeping Tiger Awaken?

Kiev, Ukraine 26-27th November 2012 Kyiv Post Conferences in partnership with the East Europe Foundation With an educated and affordable workforce, abundant natural mineral wealth, proven agricultural prowess, and a developed and dependable transport infrastructure, Ukraine should by any measure be a European economic powerhouse. Yet 20 ...

Financing PPP schemes

Brussels, Belgium 26th October 2012 Financing PPP schemes – choices, challenges and opportunities The European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA) is offering a unique 1-day workshop on financing PPP infrastructure projects. PPP projects are likely to continue to play a key role in meeting Europe’s infrastructure gap ...

Infrastructure & Transport Projects

Berlin, Germany 25-26th June 2012 Cost Planning and Implementation of Infrastructure and Transport Projects The second year in a row IPPP would like to invite you to visit Berlin for one of European Academy’s seminars. We have checked it ourselves last summer that these seminars are of ...

1st National Forum of PPPortal.pl

Katowice, Poland 25th October 2012 Achievements and future of PPP in Poland PPPortal.pl is a Polish web portal devoted to PPPs and the Katowice conference organizer. The aim of the 1st National Forum of PPPortal is to summarize the achievements gathered from the Polish ...

Financing Transport Infrastructure in the Western Balkans & SEE

Dubrovnik, Croatia 24-25th October 2012 Financing Transport Infrastructure - highways & roads, airports, seaports, rail E.E.L. Events Ltd. invites you to join another excellent business development & networking event which will be held in the picturesque city of Dubrovnik in Croatia on the 24-25th October 2012. The ...

PPPs in Health

Manila, Philippines 23-25th October 2012 Conference on PPPs in Health The UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) along with the Asian Development Bank and the Government of the Philippines is hosting the first regional conference on public-private partnerships in the health sector in the Philippines: the ...

„Speed uppp Ukraine” 2012 – report available

Kiev, Ukraine - conference evaluation (PDF) 23-24th April 2012 Organized by leading PPP practitioners in the region The Institute for PPP and the Ukrainian PPP Development Support Center had the honour of welcoming delegates from 14 different countries to a special international conference ...

PPP Days 2012

Geneve, Switzerland 21-24th February 2012, IPPP recommended The 4 days long “PPP Days 2012” organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) will without doubt be one of the most significant PPP events in the world in 2012. A few weeks before start of the event ...

PPP in transport and road infrastructure

Płock, Poland 22-23rd November 2012 International conference Płock, a former capital of Poland (XI/XII century) which is not even a 2-hour drive from the Warsaw International Airport, continues to be an unique location for PPP events in Poland. In May 2012, there were ...

Warsaw, Poland 22nd May 2012, Ministry of Regional Development The conference called „Attractive city. PPP.” is meant for the Polish local public administration implementing PPP projects in order to develop Polish cities into business, tourism and inhabitants friendly areas. The event will be held in ...

Poznan waste PPP: best bidder chosen

Best bidder chosen for a PPP waste incineration plant in Poznan Offers from France, Germany and the US On November 15th offers for the Poznan Waste Management System PPP project have been opened. It is the Poland’s first major PPP project. It consists of organizing the process of ...

October P3 Training

Paris, France 22-26th October 2012 P3 Stimulus & Economic Growth - SEE BROCHURE It is a challenging time for the European and global economy. The possibility of double-dip recessions is a reality for many countries. Central bank interventions can only do so much and many governments already ...

2nd Annual Municipal Projects in Poland

Warsaw, Poland 17-18th October 2012 Finance & delivery: the role of the private sector It is already the 6th event organized by E.E.L. Events Ltd. in the field of PPPs. The conference, which will be held at the Warsaw’s Westin Hotel, will unite public and private sectors ...

P3 Summer Training

Paris, France 13-17th August 2012, IPPP acknowledged The P3 Summer Training Institute invites you this Summer to come to the beautiful capital of France for an extensive 5-days PPP training carried out by experienced international professionals from Claret Consulting LLC (a boutique consulting and financial advisory firm based ...

Africa PPP

Abuja, Nigeria 14-16th November 2012 Promoting development through PPPs The 4th edition of the International Africa Public Private Partnership Conference and Showcase will take place in Abuja, Federal Republic of Nigeria between the 14th (pre-conference workshop) and the 16th of November at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel. The ...

4th Annual Baltic Energy Summit

Tallinn, Estonia 14-15th November 2012 Development of the Baltic energy market It is already the 4th summit delivered by E.E.L. Events Ltd. and taking focus on the Baltic energy market. On November 14-15th the Radisson Blu Olumpia Hotel in Tallinn will host key players from across the ...

IJ World Infrastructure Summit

Amsterdam, Netherlands 14-15th November 2012 Institute for PPP among the speakers Infrastructure development is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. In some parts of the world, infrastructure has been neglected for decades, in other parts, it is non-existent. Over the coming decades, governments worldwide ...

The new European rules on concessions

Maastricht, Netherlands 13-14th September 2012 The new European rules on concessions – what will they mean in practice? The European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA) will be addressing the discussion on a separate EU’s Concessions Directive in a dedicated 2-day seminar in Maastricht on September 13-14th, a ...

Using EU Structural and Cohesion Funds effectively in PPPs

Brussels, Belgium 13-14th November 2012 Using EU Structural and Cohesion Funds effectively in PPPs - challenges and opportunities The European Institute for Public Administration (EIPA) is delivering another workshop on the topic of implementing PPPs which are playing a vital role in developing UE’s infrastructure. ...

The Stadium Business Design & Development Summit

Warsaw, Poland 12-14th November 2012 Delivering the next generation of stadiums, arenas & sports cities The Stadium Business Design & Development Summit is a unique business development event for the global stadium sector organized by Xperiology. It builds on the success of The Stadium Business Summit meeting ...

VIII Ukrainian Municipal Forum

Yalta, Ukraine 12-13th July 2012 The USAID Public Private Partnership Development Program (P3DP) together with the Association of Ukrainian Cities (AUC) and its Ukrainian Municipal Local Economic Development Program (UMLED) will host the Ukrainian Municipal Forum on July 12-13th in Yalta, Autonomous Republic of Crimea. ...


London, UK 13th March 2012, PPP in CEE: How to deliver an effective framework for future projects The 4th event in the EEL Events' PPP series will provide a platform for UK based investors, financiers, developers, construction firms, fund managers, capital providers, advisory firms and others to ...

Modernization of Housing on the principles of PPP

Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine 11th September 2012 The conference on PPPs in Housing and Utilities Sector Modernization will be held on 11th September 2012 under the patronage of the Ministry for Regional Development, Building and Housing of Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya, a city in southeastern Ukraine with 776 thousand inhabitants. The ...

PPP to guarantee inner security

Boltenhagen, Germany 10-11th October 2012 The „PPP to guarantee inner security” conference was held under Gdansk Talks 2012 in Boltenhagen on the northern coast of Germany. The presentation opening the 2nd day of the event was IPPP’s lecture on the possibilities and outlook of implementing the PPP model ...

PPP & Investment Fair

Płock, Poland 9-10th May 2012 IPPP’s Honorary Patronage & Exhibition Stand The Administration of the City of Płock, a former capital of Poland only 110 km away from the largest Polish airport in Warsaw (Chopin Airport), organized the very first in Poland PPP & Investment ...

Transport PPPs

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British-Polish PPP Forum

Wrocław – IPPP recommended 7th February 2012 The British-Polish PPP Forum will be held in Wrocław on the 7th of February 2012 as “Wrocław for the Partnership – experiences, plans, prospects of cooperation”. The conference organizers are the British Embassy in Warsaw, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce, ...

„Wind, Inc. 2012” Conference & Exhibition

Gdańsk, Poland 6-7th February 2012, IPPP recommended Wind energy industry executives will on 6th February 2012 convene in Gdansk at the Wind, Inc. 2012 conference and exhibition to debate the most important issues pertaining to sector both in Poland and Baltic region: wind-derived energy policies, finance ...

PPP in the transport sector

Brussels, Belgium 6-7th September 2012 PPP in the transport sector – choices, challenges and opportunities Transport seems to be a key factor for the future use of PPP in Europe, in particular because of the need to implement the Trans-European Networks for Transport (TEN-T) as a crucial ...

Delivering PPP projects – experiences & prospects

Warsaw, Poland 5th November 2012 Polish-Austrian conference on PPPs On the 5th of November at the premises of the Ministry of Economy in Warsaw (conference rooms A, B, C between 10:00 and 14:00 o’clock) a Polish-Austrian conference will be held called “Delivering PPP projects – experiences & ...

PFI reform in the UK

UK to reform PFI after 20 years PF2 to replace PFI UK is the world leader in carrying out public tasks, both investment and services, through long-term contracts with the private sector under the PFI (Private Finance Initiative) and PPP (Public-Private Partnership) models. The PFI model has been ...

Competitive Dialogue and Negotiated Procedures Master Class

Maastricht, Netherlands Competitive Dialogue & Negotiated Procedures 4-5th October 2012 Negotiated procedures have been available as award procedures in defined exceptional circumstances for many years. Competitive dialogue was created as a special procedure by the 2004 Public Procurement Directives to provide a more flexible solution for ...

PPPs in ICT/Broadband Infrastructure

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Czech Infrastructure & PPP Forum

Prague, Czech Republic 2-3rd October 2012 9th annual specialised international conference It is already the 9th edition of an international PPP conference series devoted to the Czech PPP market and organized by B.I.D. services. The “Czech Infrastructure & PPP Forum 2012” will be held at the “Angelo” ...

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Warsaw underground car parks concession

Municipal car parks: Warsaw seeking for investors Extended deadline for applying: 7.01.2013 On October the 2nd the Warsaw Municipality has released a call for tender for a concession enterprise consisting of designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining a network of up to 6 underground car parks in Warsaw. ...
*** Lithuania speeding up with PPPs *** Krakow announces a bike sharing concession *** A good sign for the PPP market given by Polish government *** Wroclaw and the first Polish municipal car sharing tender ***
warszawa_1_www Poland and CEE PPP Forum 2015
Warsaw, Poland 12th May 2015, InterContinental Hotel Warsaw,  Quote special code to ...
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