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  • PPP offers a wide range of adaptation possibilities in regards to public works and services.
  • „Speed uppp…” conferences – 7 events, 3 countries, 781 guests
  • Regional development depends on the quality of PPP projects.
  • Public-private partnership: the puzzle fulfilling global economy.
  • PPP to fill the infrastructural gap in Central-Eastern Europe.
  • 'PPP Magazine' - a new English title for emerging PPP markets
  • PPP’s contribution to regional development: shaping the world’s future.
  • PPP is where renewable energy meets innovative engineering.
  • Intelligent waste management is a global challenge for the human kind and PPP.
  • The need of affordable housing becomes more and more important. PPP can help out.
  • For unique PPP-focused events please contact us at conferences@ippp.pl
  • PPP: best value for money in healthcare and medical services on local and national level.

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Status quo for Polish PPPs vs. German experience

Krakow, Poland 30th January 2013 PPP in Poland and Germany The Polish-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK Poland) invites to a PPP-conference which will be held on Wednesday January 30th at the Main Market 25 in Krakow. The event will focus on indicating Polish and German ...

PPP in the building industry

Katowice, Poland 29th January 2013, free seminar The law firm Ślązak, Zapiór i Wspólnicy, which is advising in Polish, English and German in all fields related to running business, invites for a free PPP-seminar to be held on Tuesday January 29th at the firm’s premises in Katowice (141 ...

4th anniversary of PPP legislation in Poland

How does the Polish PPP market develops? 4 years and 40+ concluded PPP contracts DOWNLOAD COMPLETE LIST Exactly 4 years ago, at the end of February 2009, two legal acts determining the PPP-type cooperation between the public and private sectors in carrying out public tasks (both construction ...

On-line debate: PPP risk limits, 28th February 2013

Public-Private Partnership: risk limits On-line debate (Polish only) You are welcome to join the „PPP risk limits” on-line debate, which will take place on 28th of February. Organizer of the event is Wolters Kluwer Poland. Please bear in mind that the debate language is Polish and that no ...

The monumental Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw hosted “Speed uppp Poland” – the very first Polish PPP conference from the “Speed uppp...” series, which objectives are to identify the opportunities for economic development through PPPs in certain countries as well as to facilitate the Partnership idea in delivering ...

„Speed uppp Poland”

Warsaw, Poland 24-25th April 2013 SEE THE CONFERENCE BROCHURE The monumental Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw hosted “Speed uppp Poland” – the very first Polish PPP conference from the “Speed uppp...” series, which objectives are to identify ...

Polish PPP Bulletin – edition no 5 released

Polish Public-Private Partnership Bulletin Published within the PPP system project Already the 5th edition of the Polish PPP Bulletin (unofficial translation from Polish “Biuletyn PPP”) has been released, which is a publication issued within the framework of the “Public-Private Partnership” system project carried out by the Polish Agency ...

Siemens brings savings to municipalities

Siemens with another energy saving contract Sosnowiec Municipality It was not long after this year’s first PPP contract signed in Poland (2nd Jan 2013, thermal modernization in Karczew with Siemens as the private partner; read more), and Siemens won another energy saving contract – this time in the ...

PPP road project in south-eastern Poland

Krosno Municipality seeking road investors PPP-structured city bypasses Already for some time the city of Krosno, a municipality located in south-eastern Poland, is preparing a PPP project consisting of four city bypasses. Now we have confirmed that the project will most likely turn into an ...

Call for tenders: a PPP hospital

Łańcut Medical Center announces PPP Deadline for applying only till 18th March In mid February the Łańcut Medical Center LLC, a publicly owned company belonging to the Łańcut District (located in south-eastern Poland in the podkarpackie Voivodeship), released a call for tenders for reconstruction and development of the ...

ICT: first PPP broadband network contract signed

Developing ICT infrastructure - 76mn EUR deal signed Broadband network of the warmińsko-mazurskie Voivodeship On February 12th the deadline has passed for submitting bids in the PPP broadband project of the warmińsko-mazurskie Voivodeship in north-eastern Poland. The project consist of designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining ...

Polish “Forum PPP” – new edition released

Polish “Forum PPP" Magazine New edition available now! SUBSCRIBE (Polish only) Energy and waste management are the main, but not the only subjects of the current issue of the “Forum PPP” magazine. You will find a review of the market and learn about energy-efficient management ...

4th edition of the PPP in Practice December 3, 2013

Nowa Sol, Poland 3 December 2013 On behalf of the Institute for Public-Private Partnerships, the Marshal Office of the Lubuskie Province and the speakers, we are pleased to invite you to the fourth edition of the conference  "PPP in practice", which will take place on December 3, 2013 ...

Bid for first major road PPP in Poland

Local road PPP: again too expensive Dąbrowa Górnicza Municipality On January 15th the deadline has expired for submitting bids for the “Tucznawa investment plots road connection” PPP project. The only bidder is Mota-Engil Central Europe, which offer involves a 17-year long contract and the maximum gross remuneration of ...

Upcoming report: “Reach the CEE”

“Reach the Central and Eastern Europe” Investment attractiveness of the CEE region In the coming weeks ConQuest Consulting intends publishing a report on the attractiveness of 11 CEE countries from the investors’ point of view. The countries analyzed are the following: Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, ...

Regulating the State's business: public procurement, concessions & PPPs

Brussels, Belgium Conference & workshop, 12-13.03.2013 The German legal publisher Lexxion, which is also editor of EPPPL (European Procurement & Public Private Partnership Law Review), invites for a conference & workshop on public procurement, concessions and Public-Private Partnerships. The conference will provide an update on latest ...

First edtion of

Gdansk, Poland 13th May 2013 Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship The Institute for Public-Private Partnership and the Marshal’s Office of the Pomeranian Voivodeship introduce a conference on the practical aspects of the implementation of PPP projects in the area of energy efficiency, revitalization, sports ...

THE MARKET TEST: Development of the “Słowianka” Sports and Rehabilitation Centre in Gorzow Wielkopolski

Market consultation with the private sector Investment Memorandum - DOWNLOAD Test market - DOWNLOAD (optional. doc) Institute for PPP, at the request of the Sports and Rehabilitation Centre “Słowianka Sp. z oo”, is carrying out market consultations on the implementation of an investment ...

A comprehensive report on development of PPPs in Poland coming soon

Market Report on PPP in Poland Research work has officially begun At the request of the Ministry of Economy, Institute for Public-Private Partnership together with the Cieślak & Kordasiewicz business and legal advisory office is preparing a report  entitled "Assessment of the current state and prospects of financial ...

2nd „Speed uppp Ukraine”

Kyiv, Ukraine 11-12th April 2013 2nd edition: 157 delegates attended! There are already two editions of the “Speed uppp Ukraine” PPP conference behind us: on 23-24th April 2012, which event gathered 84 participants from 14 different European and Asian countries (you ...

Third edition of

Poznan, Poland 7th October 2013 CONFERENCE HOME PAGE On 7th October , 2013 in Poznan , the third edition of the " PPP in practice" conference was held (previous editions took place in Gdańsk and Toruń ) . 97 guests gathered on event, representing both the public ...

3P Contest – second edition

Polish public entities can win free advisory “Public-Private Partnership” system project The „Public-Private Partnership” system project, carried out together by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Institute for PPP as a part of the State’s support to help developing the PPP market in Poland, recently announced ...

Power and heating PPP in Olsztyn

Heat and power station in Olsztyn 8 answers RFQ The time for applying for the Olsztyn PPP project expired on March 11th. There are 8 different entities that have answered the call for tenders issued by MPEC, which is the local Municipal Heating Company LLC. . ...

“PPP Bulletin

Biuletyn partnerstwa publiczno-prywatnego Download the publication (PDF) The 8th issue of " PPP Bulletin" is now available. The PPP Bulletin is a publication which is being published within the systemic project of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development entitled " Public Private Partnership " in partnership with the ...

THE MARKET TEST- restructuring of public health care facility in Mińsk Mazowiecki

The market consultations with private sector Informational Memorandum – DOWNLOAD (polish version) Market Test – DOWNLOAD (polish version) At  the request of the county administrator’s office in Mińsk Mazowiecki, Institute for Public-Private Partnership is running market consultations called „Development, modernisation and restructuring of independent public ...

First in Poland WtE PPP contract signed

Poznan Waste Management System Poznan Municipality and SITA signs PPP deal In December 2012 we have been informing about selecting the best bidder in the Poznan Waste-to-Energy PPP project (“Poznan waste PPP: best bidder chosen”), while on April 8th 2013 the commercial close of the project has been ...

Two pilot projects have been selected by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development

Health care and construction of roads The November 8th Ministry of Infrastructure and Development has informed on its site that two pilot projects were selected. Those projects thanks to PPP Platform and deparment's support are supposed to create a model documentation for another public entities who intend to realise ...

„Speed uppp Slovenia”

Bled, Slovenia 7-8th March 2013 For the very first time the „Speed uppp...” conference series devoted to public-private partnerships in carrying out public services was held in Slovenia as "Speed uppp Slovenia". Already the first edition turned to be a success gathering together 120 ...

Community Dębe Wielkie – waiting for thermomodernisathion

Searching for private partner has began Along with posting an advertisement on 1st August 2013 Community of Debie Wielkie began the process of finding a partner who will carry out a comprehensive  modernization of public utility buildings. If  a private partner is chosen, this will ...

Sopot financial close

First European PPP with JESSICA funding Project financing contract signed On January 7th the financing contract for the Sopot Rail Station PPP project has been signed between the project’s private partner (Bałtycka Grupa Inwestycyjna S.A.; unofficial translation – Baltic Investment Group) and BGK (Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego), which is ...

Who is interested in Warsaw car parks?

Six answers RFQ for Warsaw car parks Up to 6 locations for municipal car parks Six companies expressed interest in participating in the Warsaw car parks’ concession project. The deadline for submitting requests to participate expired on Monday 7th January at 12:00 o’clock. According to the official communication ...

PPP Days 2013

Geneva, Switzerland 5-6th February 2013, Palais des Nations In early February 2013 another “PPP Days” will take place in Geneva at the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. It will be the 5th session of the Team of Specialists on Public-Private Partnerships (TOS-PPP), which as every year will ...

Templates of contractual clauses for PPP projects

Promotion of PPP projects 5 templates are already available Ministry of Economy has published templates of contractual clauses governing the rights and obligations of the parties participating in the PPP projects. As for now, there are five templates concerning: ...

New issue of

New issue of " Forum PPP " - available now! FREE SUBSCRIPTION This year , the PPP market is waiting for  the final solution of the problem of influence of liabilities from the PPP contracts and concessions on the public debt . Lack of regulations of the Article ...

Gdansk WtE plant: call for tenders before EOY

Tri-City Waste Management System Regional solid waste incineration plant in Gdansk At the recently held „Speed uppp Poland” conference in Warsaw there was one presentation from the “waste management” panel missing for reasons beyond the control of the organizer. It’s about the upcoming Waste-to-Energy PPP project called “Tri-City ...

Thermal modernization PPPs: contract in Karczew, call for tenders in Bytom

The growing popularity of thermal modernization PPPs Energy Saving Contracts On December 17th the Karczew Community near Warsaw announced the best bidder in a PPP project for thermal modernization and energy management of 11 public buildings, mainly schools. The only and at the same time the best offer ...

Funeral services concession in Gdansk (second in Poland)

Gdansk signs a concession for columbaria Second Polish funeral services concession contract signed On April 2nd the Gdansk Municipality has signed a 23-year DBFO concession contract for columbaria on some of the municipal cemeteries. The call for tenders for this project has been announced in late August 2012 ...

„Polish Investment” focus on PPP

“Special Purpose Investment Company” to promote PPPs Development of the „Polish Investment” program As reported by the Ministry of Treasury just before the end of year, the Minister of Treasury Mikołaj Budzanowski signed on 28th of December 2012 a memorandum of the “Special Purpose Investment Company” (unofficial translation ...

2nd Annual PPP in Turkey Forum, 27-28th November 2013

Ankara, Turkey Conference & exhibition Save 25%! Simply quote IPPP2013 while registering! >>> REGISTER Turkey is well known for its ambitious investment plans, which, combined with the strategic geopolitical location of the country, is of global investors’ particular interest. Turkey creates large investment opportunities, however, the impressive ...

3rd CEE PPP Infrastructure Forum, 9-10th October 2013

Warsaw, Poland Conference & exhibition Save 25%! Simply quote IPPP2013 while registering! >>> REGISTER The abbreviation CEE stands for Central and Eastern Europe and is an expression that raises a lot of attention among investors worldwide. Is it a justified attention for the CEE region? What’s more ...

3rd SEE PPP Infrastructure Forum, 12-13th June 2013

Zagreb, Croatia Conference & training Save 25%! Simply quote IPPP2013 while registering! >>> REGISTER The 3rd Southeast Europe PPP Infrastructure Forum is another excellent industry event organized by EEL Events and aimed at both private companies and investors as well as public bodies involved in ...
*** Lithuania speeding up with PPPs *** Krakow announces a bike sharing concession *** A good sign for the PPP market given by Polish government *** Wroclaw and the first Polish municipal car sharing tender ***
warszawa_1_www Poland and CEE PPP Forum 2015
Warsaw, Poland 12th May 2015, InterContinental Hotel Warsaw,  Quote special code to ...
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