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The “Chamber of Private Partners” Program

The Chamber of Private Partners has been designed in order to serve investors from all over the world who are keen on entering the prosperous Polish market of public investments with public private-partnership (PPP) playing the key role. To read about the advantages of expanding the business in Poland please follow the link: Poland’s unique location.

Key attitudes of the “Chamber of Private Partners” yearly advisory program are its unique package of benefits offered for a reasonable price. It is not even required for your organisation to be present on the Polish market in order to get full recognition of the local PPP market and not to miss investment opportunities coming from the public sector. All services of the “Chamber of Private Partners” are delivered in English.

PPP is in general an enterprise that allows to meet the demand of public services on one hand and to generate profit for the private partner on the other and has therefore a very wide range of usage within the public needs: infrastructure, renewable energy, waste management, transportation, ICT, healthcare, education, sport, tourism and other public domains.

What is included in the Program?

  • Information in English – a source of eligible information for a full year about the cooperation opportunities with the public sector in Poland such as selective information about announced tender proceedings suiting a member’s profile.
  • A full day meeting introducing the Polish PPP market – up to 8 hours of advisory consultations to be delivered in a time and location suiting the Program member’s needs (transfer and accommodation fees are to be applied additionally).
  • Assistance in creating one proper investment offer which means an offer fulfilling all PPP market’s conditions and meeting all formal requirements of a public procurement proceeding.
  • Negotiation support during one initial contact with the public sector.
  • Support in matching with private investors looking for incorporating of partners into a consortium whose objective is to be the private partner in a PPP agreement signed with the public sector body.
  • Privileged access to all of IPPP’s activities such as industry events (conferences, seminars, trainings – sponsorship, speaking & exhibiting) and industry magazines (English “PPP Magazine” and Polish “Forum PPP” – inserting a substantial article or publication).
  • PR & marketing – supporting a member’s brand awareness as a considerable, ethical, reliable, honest and professionally acting entrepreneur willing to participate in the public investments market.

PRICE OF MEMBERSHIP IN THE “CHAMBERS OF PRIVATE PARTNERS” ENGLISH PROGRAM – yearly fee of 24.000 PLN net + 23% VAT applicable (approx. 5.600 EUR net / 6.000 USD net / 4.000 GBP net).

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