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  • PPP: best value for money in healthcare and medical services on local and national level.

Consultancy & Advisory Services

What is so special about IPPP that makes us stand out in advising on public-private partnerships (PPP)? Apart from the longest experience in PPP on the Polish market and quality advisors dealing with our client’s business cases there is also one thing we are putting ahead of the others in our hierarchy. This thing is your enterprise being the number one and properly secured regardless id representing the public sector, a private partner or a financial institution. Another rule we are aiming at while playing the role of a PPP project’s advisor in the “win-win” effect of a PPP deal certified by IPPP which means bankability (profitability) of the very project on  one hand and maximized benefits for the public side on the other.

Project’s Lifecycle: Coherence

IPPP is advising on the entire lifecycle of a PPP project:

  • Programming phase – preparing a strategy and action plan basing on market researches, feasibility studies, financial analysis, internal auditing.
  • Implementation phase – financial closure of a PPP agreement.
  • Evaluation phase – long term cooperation and assessing the contract’s fulfilment in regards to guidelines of the PPP agreement.

Areas of Expertise: Choice

IPPP is advising in a wide range of areas assuring profound expertise in each of them:

  • Negotiations with relevant parties of a PPP enterprise.
  • Due diligence and feasibility studies making sure that your vision is able to come true
  • Legal consultancy assuring compliance and correctness of all legal steps with local and international law.
  • Strategy and business development helping your vision to become a concrete plan ready to implement.
  • Tax advising choosing the best way of taxation for your type of business.
  • Risk identification and assessment.
  • Project management helping you in bringing your enterprise in the right order, define its scope, plan properly and start making progress with the ability to control it and redefine if required.
  • Audit, compliance and internal control helping your organisation to be ready for a PPP enterprise.
  • Financing - project’s financing from external sources (EU Funds, grants) including the Identification of a fund with potential to support certain kinds of investments, preparing of required documentation, submitting the application, rationally managing the received financial support as well as preparing the final fund’s settlement.
  • Cross-cultural business psychology allowing to focus on the core business regardless of cultural differences between the parties of a PPP agreement.
  • Sales and marketing support strengthening the brand recognition and awareness of your company and offered products or services.
  • Engineering and construction enabling your vision to meet the requirements of an infrastructural project that is readyfor implementation.
  • PR and communication helping you to choose the best communication strategy for your organisation.
  • Market researches, forecasts and tests giving you a precise picture and through recognition of a particular PPP sector.

Supported Parties: Complementarity

IPPP is advising all parties of a PPP agreement:

  • The public sector – central and local governments, foreign diplomacies, international public organisations and their bodies.
  • Private partners – potential investors either individual or being a part of a consortium.
  • Financial institutions – banks and diverse investment funds

INTERESTED IN OUR CONSULTANCY AND ADVISORY SERVICES? Please e-mail our International Business Department at ib@ippp.pl

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