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  • 'PPP Magazine' - a new English title for emerging PPP markets
  • PPP to fill the infrastructural gap in Central-Eastern Europe.
  • PPP is where renewable energy meets innovative engineering.
  • Public-private partnership: the puzzle fulfilling global economy.
  • Intelligent waste management is a global challenge for the human kind and PPP.
  • The need of affordable housing becomes more and more important. PPP can help out.
  • PPP’s contribution to regional development: shaping the world’s future.
  • Regional development depends on the quality of PPP projects.
  • PPP offers a wide range of adaptation possibilities in regards to public works and services.
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  • PPP: best value for money in healthcare and medical services on local and national level.

“PPP Magazine” – already the second release!

NEW: an English magazine about PPP markets of Poland, Europe & World

We are not slowing down in driving the PPP markets – now not only in Poland but also abroad – especially in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe taking so far a special focus on Ukraine and Slovenia. In Autumn 2012 along our abroad Partners we have released a brand new title – the “PPP Magazine” – a publication devoted to PPP-type investments of the public sector.

The “PPP Magazine’s” first issue covers the topic of transport infrastructure – i.a. building, modernizing and maintaining roads – while the main theme of the second issue is healthcare PPPs – i.a. how to make hospitals PPPs feasible.

Read the Autumn 2012 TRANSPORT release (PDF)

Read the Spring 2013 HEALTHCARE release (PDF)

Who to read „PPP Magazine”?

“PPP Magazine’s” target group are all parties interested in the fast growing PPP markets – especially CEE and SEE countries. Among those who’d like to present themselves in such kind of a medium as the “PPP Magazine” you will find both public sector bodies (international institutions, national governments and local administration – cities and communes) as well as private entrepreneurs (investors, banks and other financial institutions, consultancies, law firms, construction and engineering companies, developers, technology providers, operators and many more).

Where can I get the “PPP Magazine”?

The “PPP Magazine” will be available in an electronic and a hard-copy format and will be distributed on a selection of international PPP events (incl. the “Speed uppp…” series), through the network of PPP organizations, by public institutions and firms dealing with investments as well as in a purely subscription service.

You’re welcome to contribute

You are more than welcome to contribute to the “PPP Magazine”. In order to discuss the opportunity which the magazine can create for your business or how it can support your goals please contact ib@ippp.pl.

We offer a variety of individual approach marketing tools strengthening your position on the public investments market – not only through the “PPP Magazine” but also through excellent networking and presenting possibilities on the “Speed uppp…” international conferences and through our informative Newsletter. Let us be in touch and united in driving PPPs for the good of all parties involved.

*** “Speed uppp…” conferences upcoming in H1 2015: 4th “Speed uppp Ukraine” (Kyiv) and 2nd “Speed uppp POLAND” (Warsaw) *** Market testing of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway *** Bartosz Korbus on PPP projects in 2014-2020 ***
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The market consultations with private sector Investment Memorandum – DOWNLOAD (polish version) Market Test – DOWNLOAD (polish version) At  the request of ...
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