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Private Partners & Business’ Zone

Choosing IPPP as a partner for PPP investments in Poland is a sort of a profitable investment in itself. Our activity is namely not only profit oriented but also dedicated to the development of the Polish PPP market. Because of this we want to bring only bankable PPP projects to the market suiting both sides of a PPP agreement: the private and the public sector. At the same time, because of our attitude and orientation we have the ability to keep our expenses under control and to offer you attractive pricing for services which are of a unique high quality and accuracy as performed by first-class specialists with the longest experience in PPP on the market. IPPP has been building its unique position as an independent body since 2003 and is now a trusted partner with outstanding references in the field of PPP/concession public investments (check our references). IPPP’s mission is Making Things Happen and while working with our clients our main focus is to continuously deliver a satisfactory and high quality result that is exactly as expected and what’s important – that is delivered for an affordable prize being a good example of the “value-for-money” rule.

What can your organisation gain by choosing IPPP?

  • Securely and confidently leading through the complexity of public investments in a professional, approachable and timely manner.
  • Playing a prominent role on the PPP public investments market.
  • Accelerating business through opening to PPP investments which are profitable and safe as guaranteed by the public administration.
  • Strategic settlement in this part of the world or, looking more locally, inCentral-Eastern Europe (CEE).
  • Not missing any investment opportunity coming from the promising Polish PPP market through up-to-date and reliable source of information.
  • First-class specialist having your goals set as theirs helping you to drive profitable investments on the PPP market.
  • Flexible approach and respect to your habits and views on ways of doing business.
  • A wide range of investment areas such as: waste management, transportation & logistics, renewable energy, gas & power, healthcare, housing, education, tourism, telecommunication, sport & entertainment, military defence, water systems and other types of infrastructure and services being a public domain.
  • Receiving best practise solutions resulting from the longest experience of IPPP on the Polish PPP market.
  • Access for your goods and services to offers brought to the market by the public sector.
  • Advisory services delivered by individuals with relevant practical experience in their areas of expertise.
  • Membership in the Chamber of Private Partners giving your organisation unique and fair advantages on the PPP investment market.
  • Opportunity to advertise your company in the only hard-copy public investments magazine issued in Poland which is dedicated to PPP.
  • Minimizing of risk and financial exposure within investment strategy through outsourcing of services.

We would be more than happy to welcome you as our potential client regardless where you come from and what public investments sector is of your interest. Please check more about the possibilities of growth for your business by selecting one of the links below, by reading our offers’ executive summary or by contacting us.

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